Best Motel Hacks to save Money while on a Holiday in Canada

Want to take a trip but bothered about the high motel prices? Do you wish there was a space in which you could save up money on resorts and utilize it for other fun activities on tour? Well, there are quite a several ways in which you can actually save money while booking motels and trips. One of the best ways to save money while reserving motels is to book budget hotels!

  1. Book early to get better deals

The best way to get budget motels while on holiday is to book as soon as possible. It is a great strategy to resort to if you craves to save money while booking motels. You might even come across some fantastic deals on excellent motels that would suit your budget if you book ahead. Or you can cut expenses by booking a budget motel and experience some of their services and amenities. 

  1. Get better deals on last-minute apps

Some definite budget motel booking apps you can use if you have a last-minute booking to make. You can find some striking deals on these platforms. Often it isn’t easy to get low prices for motel bookings if you book last minute. But don’t worry as you will find some amazing deals, particularly some last-minute discounts that would fit absolutely well with your budget too. You will have to do some research and choose the best budget motels for the same.

  1. Become a true guest at specific motels

The advantage of being a loyal guest at a motel is that they will give you some concessions and offers, even if you do not have any connection with their membership programmes. This depends on how well you can socialize and make an impact on the manager or the concierge. As long as you can strike up good compatibility with the hotel staff, you will be treated as a royal guest. On your next booking, you might even get some discounts or offers from the motel. 

  1. Opt to make your breakfast

If you’re on a fixed budget and cannot make any exemptions, there are some cost-cutting methods that you can take up. One of the methods to save money while booking motels is to evade adding breakfast or other meals. Hotels charge a lot for their food assistance, and if you have a fixed budget, it would be pretty expensive for you. Hence, you can avoid booking breakfast and other meals.

  1. Avoid using some of the motel amenities

One of the best ways to save money while booking hotels is to ensure that you avoid using some of the motels’ amenities. Several motels have mini-fridge and bar as part of the contract. However, you will need to spend an extra to utilize some of those services. In fact, the same goes for washing and breakfast too, if your booking does not cover breakfast.