Hotel Vs Motel- Difference & Comparison

Have you ever been planning to book a trip only to find yourself striving to decide which type of comforts is best for your itinerary? Understanding your options’ differences will assure you make the right decision for your unique budget, requirements, and preferences. Let’s dive into the differences and compare motels vs. hotels.

What is a motel?

When the automobile shifted to the prevalent mode of road transportation in the early 20th century, and highway networks expanded, motels became popular. The word motel combines the terms motor and hotel.

Here are a few factors about motels:

  • Motels tend to be restricted to roads and highways, often outside of cities and on popular tourist routes.
  • They are typically designed for short-term stays.
  • They may offer a quick, basic breakfast with foods like bread, hard-boiled eggs, and cereal.
  • Motels can be the most affordable places to stay near famous destinations.

What is a hotel?

A hotel provides paid room to tourists and may also offer several other services or amenities, such as restaurants, swimming pools, and a spa. Several hotels are also arranged to handle conferences and meetings, making them valuable for business meetups. A rating system of one to five stars exists to compare the variety of hotels and their amenities.

Neck-to-neck Comparison

Appearance: It has single & multi-storied and also rooms that open to the interior of the building.

It is a single or double storied building with attached rooms along with open walkways, outer entrances.


Cost: It is more expensive than Motels- though, prices range with star ratings, amenities, location, room types, more sociable accommodations/rooms, etc.

It is less costly than hotels due to lack of amenities, locations, basic rooms, etc.


Locations: It is situated anywhere within a city or village, near business districts, downtown areas, airports, attractions, freeways, vacation areas, etc.It is usually situated on highways but can also be found near the outskirts of towns, several places where you would get hotels, rural areas, and other sites.

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