Is it safe to stay at motels in Canada during Pandemic?

The weather is becoming warmer across the country, and pandemic-fatigued Canadians are yearning to get out of the house.

But many of you have emailed us to inquire if it’s OK to book a motel room.  

The answer depends on the precautions you take prior, during and after your stay.

In Canada, several motels are tightening their cleaning obligations to welcome travellers — especially after the pandemic struck the industry.

  • Understand the risks before you make your summer plans

If you are booking a stay, what are a few things you can do to preserve yourself?

Firstly, don’t be scared to ask the motel what they’re doing to keep everything tidy.

Before you book a room, you should ask the motel what their purification rituals are and how they manage social distancing.

Another question to ask, if they’re leaving rooms vacant for some time after each guest has stayed there.

If the motel has a shared entry door for multiple units, make sure they always use hand sanitizer right after entering.

  • Can I travel to another area? Will I have to isolate?

Canada is gradually reopening, and thinking if you’re allowed to make trips to other provinces.

The answer is it depends on where you reside and where you’re going.

While some government-imposed measures are being eased, several checkpoints and travel restrictions across the country remain in place.

  • When will international travel be opened?

After a great spring in isolation, many Canadians are daydreaming about summer vacation plans. But if you’re considering travelling outside Canada, COVID-19 restrictions could hinder your trip. 

Technically, Canadians can still fly abroad, despite the Canadian government’s instructive warning against all non-essential international travel. But Canadians seeming to leave may strive to find flights, and their travel insurance likely won’t satisfy their medical bills if they fall ill with COVID-19.

Some travel destinations plan to begin welcoming back tourists in June. But travellers may face strict entry requirements, like receiving a test to prove you’re virus-free before travelling. And don’t neglect, when you get home, foreign travellers will also have to self-isolate for 14 days.

If you’re considering going state-side, think over. The Canada-U.S. border remains closed to visitors crossing by land until June 21. And that date could be extended if the number of COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continues to be a matter of concern.