Is Motels Pocket-friendly than Hotels?

When you’re on the street, and far from home, you want a place to stay. Your choices are plentiful — hostels, campgrounds, bed-and-breakfasts, and more — but for many travellers, the option comes down to two types of conveniences, hotels and motels. Each serves its goal and has its price, and the one thing that is sufficient for you depends on what you want, how much you can pay and how long you’ll be there.

  • The infrastructure drives motels

Just like the postal service increased demand for stayovers in the 1700s, America’s massive investments in large highway systems designed a greater and more diverse need for stayover opportunities across the nation. It became more natural to drive long distances – both for truck truckers and for families. Hotels began opening by motorways to offer an effortless and affordable stayover solution for drivers needing some before their journey extended to their ultimate destination. This is one of the aspects of motels; regular hotels are usually located at the final destination, but motels are just a halfway stop.

  • Hostels as a reaction to the industrial revolution

While motels were a normal development of the industrial revolution and the improved infrastructure, hostels were retaliation against and reaction to the industrial revolution. Hostels are, by definition, more affordable and more social accommodation alternatives. The goal is to create facilities that appeal both economically and culturally to young people who want to encounter more of the world, learn more about new experiences, and get away from the bustling city life and into nature.

Often, we associate motels with worn-out facilities and wobbly bunk beds. And at various places, this may also be the case. However, numerous hostels are modernizing today to stay competitive. Normally, however, it is not the rooms that are modernized but the common spaces. The rooms remain easy as they only assist the purpose of sleeping. From our experience, it is the ordinary spaces that are given a contemporary look; they are extended to incorporate more social spaces with different types of seating and offer surprisingly great cafes.

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