Motels With Retro Vibes In Canada That Are Worth The Road Trip

We all know that travelling isn’t the best thing during this pandemic. But when it is, we believe a road trip might just be in order. And let us assure you there are some fantastic cool places to stay across the country. Despite not all these inclusions being motels or *technically* retro, they all have that traditional vibe and feel of an age gone by. So here are seven retro motels & hotels in Canada that are indeed worth the road trip.

  1. Gold Pan Motel

Nestled in the beautiful town of Canada, Gold Pan Motel is the oldest motel in the city. Our most significant advantage over other hotels in the city is our balanced strategy. With just 35 rooms, we’re a peaceful place to stay at. Our beautiful and elegant interiors, as well as minimal furniture, attract hundreds of tourists every year.

  1. Lamphouse Hotel

If you’re heading to the Rockies and want a boutique hotel with drive-up service, the Lamphouse is for you. Rooms come furnished with MCM-inspired furniture at this place, and you can enjoy a hot tub with peak views. So treat yourself while travelling the great outdoors.

  1. Hotel Zed

This is the most popular retro motels in Canada. This spot actually has three locations in Tofino, Kelowna, and Victoria. So if you want a burst of colour with your stay, you can’t go wrong with Zed. Their rooms come complete with retro furnishings like vintage rotary phones. And they even have roller skateboards, skates, and cruiser bikes for your use.

  1. The June Motel

This place definitely blends the retro and minimalist aesthetics to build the millennial’s dream motel. And that means you’ll be able to snag an Instagram photo or two while lingering here. They have two locations in Prince Edward County and Sauble Beach, with lots to do in both spots. Or you can just hit back, unwind and treat yourself.

  1. Drake Motor Inn

We’re going to figure that you’ve discovered this spot, but there’s a reason for that, and it’s because it’s worth revisiting. This hotel is a whole of unique rooms with fabulous decorations, paint lines, and furniture. So if you’re all about aesthetics and the ideal spot for Instagram pics, you’ll want to stay here.

  1. C3 Hotel

This place blends modern retro design with old-world Quebec architecture excellently. So if you’re looking for a higher-end spot, you can’t go amiss here. You’ll be hit dab in the center of Quebec City’s art and cultural region. So surely check this one out if you’re travelling to the area.

  1. Train Station Inn

One of our last choices is the unique stay we’ve noticed in a while, a train. Yes, that’s right, you can pick from not 1 but 9 various cabooses to stay in. So if you happen to be into trains, this is such a dream come true. Not to mention, each train is decked out in unusual train-appropriate accessories. So do check out this one too.