Why Go for Motel rather than a Hotel?

For many travellers, choosing where you spend the night comes down to either hotel or motel convenience.

Many people don’t see many variations between these two choices, but it is vital to note that they do exist.

By understanding these differences, you can decide which accommodation choice will adequately meet your needs. You may be wondering, ‘what is the distinction between a hotel and motel?’.

  1. Architecture

One of the primary ways that hotel and motel accommodation diversifies is in layout and construction. Hotels often include hundreds of rooms over several floors; the rooms are connected via staircases, escalators and internal corridors. On the other hand, Motels usually have a one or two-floor layout, and the rooms are accessed right from the car park.

  1. Employees

Both businesses often use various workers. In hotels, you are expected to find receptionists, bellhops, concierges, chefs, parking valets, housekeepers, door attendants and elevator operators. A manager or two are also often on duty. In motels, on the other hand, you are expected to find receptionists and housekeepers. 

  1. Services

Another of the methods that these establishments differ is in the services offered. A hotel will often provide a wider breadth of services, including an onsite restaurant, laundry, room service, indoor swimming pools, gyms and day spas. Some are quite comparable to a resort with great entertainment options. A motel traditionally provides fewer services, such as a swimming pool and breakfast.

  1. Cost

Some of the other variations include price disparities and, usually, in the duration of stay. Motels mainly cost more per night, although their location is critical in managing this. They are also designed for more extended stays, from weeks to months. Motels are frequently the cheaper option per night, although they are designed for lower days.

As you can see, there are several differences between hotel and motel accommodation – not only are they set out adversely and offer various services, they hire different amounts of staff. They have significant disparities in terms of cost. When you’re next planning a vacation, we hope that you find this article helpful in determining which accommodation option will satisfy your needs.